The Ka Keg Kanflict

Credits to BB13 and DreamMaker for concepts and hilarity
The Ka Keg Kanflict was a short-lived conflict between a tribe of immigrant Ka and the entire of the metropolitan police of Bavaria shortly before (and thankfully not cause of) the Sazashi occupation.   It was incited by the Ka, who were so excited by the mere existence of Oktoberfest that, in their revelry, they made several offenses, including but not limited to:
  • Stripping a participant of his lederhosen and wearing it mockingly
  • Tapping several esteemed and ancient casks of liquor
  • Burning down several of the attractions
  • Chugging fondue (and leaving the pretzels untouched)
  • Lifting tables of beer maidens—without warning them first—in contests of strength
  • Taking a municipal car for a joyride
  • Crashing a municipal car into the mayor's office
  • Urinating in the mayor's flowerbed
  • Stealing an entire truck of premium sausages
  • Joyriding in a sausage truck
  • Losing a sausage truck—it was never found
  • Attempting to sneak back to the celebration in disguise after being kicked out
This was such an offense to the locality that a full riot squad was mustered and brought to bear against the fifteen Ka. They resisted arrest by trying to bribe and ply the officers.  
Could I offer you a pretzel in these trying times
— A Ka
  This conflict had the opportunity to turn ugly, until the Ka, in the same whirlwind of chaos that pushed things into madness, helped re-organize the festivites when the truck fleet of the local beer factory broke down trying to bring Kegs to the party., This tribe then carried the kegs by hand, screaming WE ARE KEGGERFORCE, WE ARE KEGGERFORCE.   Whether or not this story is true, or if it is a mythic recounting is uncertain, but the entire story is scrawled into a plaque at the Keggerforce headquarters. It quite a large plaque.


The Bavarian Police


15 Ka
The entire mustered force of the Bavarian police and a plethora of misguided and drunk volunteers.


A sprained hamstring from lifting a table and a concussion from asking a barmaid to kiss it better.
  • One flower bed
  • One man's dignity
  • One metropolitan vehicle
  • One sausage truck
  • Objectives

    A roaring good time
    Peace and order


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