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Rufus is a Khirmange Scrapyard owner who makes his money off of salvaging and pawning ships and ship components. He stays within the scrapyard itself, electing to send out others to search for unclaimed wreckages or other valuables.

Rufus works through Federation law to maintain a crew of debtees and prisoners. Debtees work on scouting new wrecks, while prisoners staff the yard itself, working in dangerous recyclers until they are released or perish. The practice gives most an unsavory view of the Khirmagne, but he is quick to point out that "He's doing pretty well for himself."

Despite the dark nature of his workforce, he does release debtees if they pay him off or provide a stellar find.

You put a carrot on a stick for too long, your asking to get a punch in the face. Give 'em a carrot every now and then, and they'll be motivated.

Not a big fan of carrots though.

— Rufus

Interactions with Calhoon

Rufus bought out the debt inherited by Calhoon when his parents were sold out of Rufus' company.

He wields this debt as a way to keep Calhoon working dangerous shifts. He sends Calhoon unarmed to contested space, in hopes to strike a big win from potential conflict.

It isn't panning out, and now Rufus is considering just taking Calhoon to his own personal crew. His motivations for doing that, are unclear.


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