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A Character's Provenance is the landscape in which they formed.   Provenance contextualizes their outlook on life, and their approach to overcoming obstacles, by revealing the circumstances of their upbringing.   It answers questions like: what they feared, what they could take for granted, what sort of aspirations they were expected to have, what sort of opportunities were available to the common person, and so forth.

Character Creation

  Provenances are part of a Character's Backstory, and are used in both Ethnis Light and the Core RPG

Ethnis Lite

Provenances as per Ethnis Lite


You grew up on a world that serves as a primary hub for a Banner, where there was always a safety net for failure, education was common, and scarcity was rare.

Base Skills
  • [Narrative] Describe to the party an academic skill you learned. Gain a +1 to that skill.

  • Tribe: Metropolitan

    Chaos was a constant—things were always in wane while yet more things waxed into renaissance. With so much populace you learn to cope with a crowd.

    Tribe Skills
  • +1 bonus to navigating cities

  • Enochlophilia: [Passive] Negate maluses caused by crowds.
    Tribe: Pariah

    You grew up among the unwanted of society. Life might have been tough, but you lived by your own rules.

    Tribe Skills
  • +1 bonus to stealth in urban settings

  • Seedy Inspiration: [Active/Narrative] Describe to the Narrator an intellectual skill needed from your childhood. Activate this ability to gain a +1 to a check of said skill.


    You were raised in the cold environment of space. In such confined spaces the faces were familiar, setting foot on solid ground was a rare experience, and everyone had a part to play in maintaining the quota.

    Base Skills
  • [Narrative] Describe to the party a role you served in space. Gain a +1 to that skill related to that role.

  • Tribe: Stationeer

    You worked in a stationary platform, whether that be orbiting a planet or operating in deep space. You see many new faces, and get to glean something from each.

    Tribe Skills
  • +1 bonus to cultural checks

  • Always Familiar: [Active] When activated, you can ask two questions to the GM about a culture.
    Tribe: Wayshipper

    You spent your life travelling aboard a Wayship, you never got to know one location, but the faces you were with rarely changed.

    Tribe Skills
  • +1 bonus mechanical based checks

  • Tech Savvy: [Active] Activate to reroll a single dice on a check that is dealing with machinery.


    You come from a world that had been colonized at one point. The condition of fringe worlds vary greatly, and can range from near hub-like to an apocalpytic wasteland. Being so away from the rest of the galaxy has left you as a stranger in a strange land.

    Base Skills
  • [Narrative] Describe a skill you had to learn to survive on your world. +1 to that skill.
  • -1 to all hubworld culture checks

  • Tribe: Survivor

    The world you grew up on approaches the realm of inhospitable. Whatever the reason, civilization has failed, and you were left to survive.

    Tribe Skills
  • [Narrative] Describe an obstacle that you had to overcome. Gain a + to the skill used to overcome said obstacle.

  • Hardened: [Passive][Narrative] Describe a horror faced on your world, be it physical or mental. If physical gain +2 Armor, if mental gain +2 SDR
    Tribe: Civilized

    Despite being cut off from the hubworlds, your world survived its trials. Civilization lives on, and imparts its knowledge onto you.

    Tribe Skills
  • [Narrative]Describe a skill needed to thrive on your world. +1 to that skill.

  • Wildcard: [Active/Narrative] Describe what your world specialized in to survive. Activate to reroll a single dice when using related skill.

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