Provisional Housing

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Provisional Housing is a class of homes that are created by organizations to provide their populace with a place to live. They are often designed to be inexpensive, quick to construct, and easy to repair.


Provisional Housing can change depending on the Banner who constructs them or who within the Banner provides them. They are often stackable, so they can be created into great vertical towers with a central support. Many of the more sophont-specific banners provide house that is uniquely suited for those Sophonts.   The actual appearance of these structures and the size can vary greatly. It can range from the size of studio apartments, to a manufactured mansion. The common theme is that these houses are often very similar so the individual tenants can decorate them as they see fit.  
It's nice to know that I'll never have to worry about a roof over my head.
— Housing Resident


One of the stipulations of living in a provisional home is they are often times allowed to be used as advertising space. The outside of the homes, especially on vertical designs are able to hold a holographic image either alone or in a network. Many provisional homes do not allow exterior decoration for that purpose.   In the Syndicate for example, most homes are designed to be on theme with the corporation who purchased them.  


Many Provisional Housing projects come with a contract that limits some aspects of what tenants can do with their homes. Many are tied to holding a specific position in society. In the Syndicate for example, you can only live in a companies housing if you are currently employed with that company. There are protections for the consumer however, eviction laws have been designed to prevent people from being unfairly evicted or not being given enough time to find new housing.

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You wanna see the Syndicate in action. Look at those massive square towers. Millions live in those things. Provisional Housing, bought-for prison cells more like!


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Summer Camp Prompt 10[/hWrite about a typical house or dwelling in one of your cultures or countries.

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