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PariSelu Chivalry

PariSelu Chivalry is a code of social conduct which overarches the interactions of Pact citizens. The people of the Pact probably have some general codes of Chivalry that they live by. Of course not everyone's polite and not everyone reads the social code the same, but those values would be what props up society, especially when having to deal with ongoing environmental effects and generally having to live in dense urban areas.

Every social order casts a shadow, and the shadow of PariSelu Chivalry is that it exiles those who do not follow the stipulation that conscription equals citizenship. Cruelty isn't in every heart, but the man who might bend over backwards to help his fellow citizen might turn his back entirely on giving anything but silence to a desperate IdPari's pleas for aid.

IdPari have their sympathizers, however, there are many clever ways for them to get around—service tunnels, connected basements, cycling, and on foot.

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A poor priest with golden Pari chain smokes on the stoop of a church. by Ademal via Midjourney


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