Mental Fragmentation

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Mental Fragmentation is a mental disorder that is commonly associated with people who have put in too much work too quickly. It is also associated with aging in a world of constant flowing information. While treatable in most cases, it is possible for chronic cases to become a problem if overworking is commonplace.  


Mental Fragmentation can be misdiagnosed with many other mental disorders. The mental degradation that is typical of the disorder helps it maintain its relationship to the elderly.  

Lack of Focus

One of the most common signs of Fragmentation is the inability to maintain a train of thought for long periods of time. People with Fragmentation may commonly switch subjects, or forget what they were doing. They may jump in between conversations without pausing. Sometimes this can be seen as an attention-based disorder.  

Jumbled Thought Process

One of the more advanced symptoms of Mental Fragmentation is mixing up individual thoughts. This can lead to many of the other physical symptoms. It is common for people suffering from this symptom to have trouble completing full sentences, or inserting random words into conversations.   It can manifest itself almost as a subconscious breaking of speech.  

Over analyzing

One of the least noticeable symptoms of Mental Fragmentation is the need to take more time to understand scenarios. While it can often be as slight as having to ask again what they were supposed to be doing, over analyzing can lead to people suffering to get paralyzed by otherwise simple situations.   A simple for loop could leave a patient scratching his head for hours, or a task of going to the store may result in them taking a strange obfuscated route.  


The treatment of Mental Fragmentation is an entirely mental process. Auric magic is often used to help relieve the symptoms but only long sessions of therapy have been proven to actually rid a sufferer of the symptoms. Even with metaphysical help, it may return if the Fragmentation is a result of an overly stressful lifestyle.   In these chronic cases, the only fix that can be done is to change the lifestyle of the person suffering so they do not overwork themselves.

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It was not until recently that Mental Fragmentation was labeled as an official mental disorder. Until that point it typically fell under Anxiety, or Attention Deficit Disorder.   Auric magic along with corporate-funded research soon revealed the true culprit of Mental Fragmentation as an entirely new Mental disease.

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