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Heavenly Holidays at the Eclectic Speakeasy

The Speakeasy is decorated from entry to bathroom in festive holiday decor. Warm imbibements for those celebrating in winter, cool refreshments for those stuck in summer.

On the far wall, the Advent Calendar of the Speakeasy. Prompts sit hidden by pull string poppers, ready to be revealed over a toast to creativity.

Welcome to the first Speakeasy Prompt event and of course, welcome to World Ember 2023! Here we'll be posting prompts made by fellow Speakeasy members to get us writing some more mature works! It's encouraged to go through and look through other folks submissions as well as post your own!

There will be twelve prompts in total. Which we'll release all at once and you can submit them whenever you feel like it at whatever length you are inspired to make.

The Wall of Prompts

#1 - "Hook Up" by Barron

Give us a place within your world, where people gather and are known to even hook up with each other from time to time. Hooking up could mean whatever you want it to mean!

#2 - "Holidays within Holidays" by Ademal

Write about a Holiday-specific secondary event. Kissing under the mistletoe, friendsgiving, etc. Events, myths, traditions, could all work as templates.

Also think Valentine's Day versus The St. Valentine's Massacre and Singles Awareness Day.

#3 - "Means to an End" by Gorkam

Write about a group or an individual who used methods deemed 'unforgivable' or 'depraved' to gain a edge in a major event.

#4 - "Holiday Horror" by Gorkam

Write about a deep fear rooted in the very essence of your world. This can be a supernatural or natural fear. Good use for Myth, or Condition!

#5 - "We don't open that door." by Gorkam

Describe a place known for or fabled for being the site of major social transgression.

#6 - "Lest we forget." by SecondhandSamurai

Write about a bittersweet rememberence ceremony, holiday, or tradition in your world.

#7 - "Libations." by Dani

Write about a beverage enjoyed or prepared only on the holiday or during the season.

#8 - "You've been Naughty." by Dani

Write about a gift only received by one who has been naughty.

#9 - "Lover's Tradition" by Dani

Write about a traditional activity shared with romantic partner(s) during the holiday.

#10 - "A Holiday any Day" by Graylion

Write about an organization focused on personal entertainment granting a "holiday" on any day.

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Dec 14, 2023 01:48 by Polina "Line" Arteev

I love this prompt list! A healthy dose of both holiday cheer and horror, all wrapped neatly in one page! (also, the vibe in here is immaculate)

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