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Haimarchy Colonization


This is how the Vanthric Haimarchy grows its garden worlds.

The Earth

The surface of the planet is covered in dense layerings of foundational Jhoutaioan Coral Spores, which begine eroding at the rock and converting it to softer materials for hard coral to settle in and grow upwards from.

The Sky

To aid with the creation of atmosphere, the Verin intoduce Atmospherancy Towers and Leviathans to kickstart the climate, air streams, and a breatheable atmosphere.

The Beasts

As these modified corals grow, they grow in patterns of fractal logic, forming massive geometries and hive-like structures. Soft coral is seeded onto these structures, growing into forests which are then populated with carefully chosen, modified, and cultivated life. Not a single species within this ecosystem is unmodified.

The Animal

As the ecosystem establishes, colonies of secondary demand—mostly trade and support—move in, habitating the now rich and stable structures of the coral. As settlement ongoes, these structures take on new shape, personalized by hand and subsequent generations of culture.


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