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Haimarchists are the citizens of the Verin Haimarchy.


Haimarchists view gender as falling into roles of society rather than being prescribed by nature. They believe that as we age, our gender changes to suit our capabilities, wisdom, and aggressiveness.   Genders are split down a spectrum of creation and destruction. Creation and destruction are both seen as necessary, so neither is given greater importance.
  1. Infant
  2. Child: (Genders: Innocent/Curious)
  3. Young Adult (Genders: Protector/Champion)
  4. Mature (Genders: Creator/Destroyer)
  5. Commander (Genders: Keeper/Tyrant)
  6. Ancient
Infant and Ancient do not have a split between creation and destruction, and are considered to have both traits.


Major organizations


Tribes are subgroups within another group which highlights the variance of opinions and rituals within that group. They are an ethnicity within that ethnicity.

Of the Family

You are a member of the guiding class of the Haimarchy. Your name comes with esteem, clout, and power, as well as no small measure of danger. The bigger the name the bigger the target, not only outside of the Haimarchy but inside of it as well. Some will look to you to lead, some will seek to topple all you accomplish.
Rare: Verin only.

Of the House

You organize and maintain affairs , you are used to serving as an intermediary force between those who labor and those who lead, and are probably accustomed to doing a little of each. This role has made you a great team leader, someone who can lead by example and inspire those beneath you to push themselves beyond the call of duty.
Uncommon: Anyone.

Of the Field

For all of your life you have been provided, so long as you provide in turn. You are not used to having to decide, but to act. Asking you to lead would be a mistake, but within your given role you are effective, diligent, and masterful. Anyone would be a fool to contest your credentials or to try and do your job better than you.
Common: Anyone.


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