Child of Epicaricacy

A Tribe of the Sorrows

Created by Damion Otter, inspired by House of Sorrows.

Rite of Initiation

Taking place in a highly ritualized ceremony new initiates are put through three “Verses”. Starting with the First Verse, “Entrance”, the initiate must accept the fact that life would be nothing without loss and agree to be taught true happiness.   Upon agreeing the Second Verse, “Agony”, begins. The initiate is stripped naked and set upon the Children with bladed objects and wipes of varying sizes. If the initiate survives the savagery they are left to rest in their own blood and to contemplate their current existence. Food, water, and sleep are all deprived from the initiate until the next day so that suffering is the only feeling that remains.   As the sun rises at the dawn of the next day the Third Verse, “Bliss”, takes place. Starting with the Children taking the blooded, broken, and tired Initiate within the inner chamber to perform ancient rituals to repair the body and mind. This Verse takes as long as the Initiate needs to recover from their hardship. During this the initiate is welcomed into the family with open arms and deeper understanding.  

Relation to The House of Sorrows

Without the House of Sorrow the Children would stagnate and starve. They supply the House with pain-loving soldiers, debilitating chemicals, and knowledge of ancient techniques in exchange for safety from the other Banners.
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