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Brillant-Back Dasher

The Brilliant-Back Dasher is a Jhoutaioan family of fist-sized lizards that communicate with eachother in a way similar to bird songs, but instead of sounds they use biolumenesence filtered through a complex series of pigment shifting.

They do this in a way that is very similar to the gaunine-crystal based method of Edenic Chameleons, by combining the color changes with a natural flourescent biolumenesence, the creature can create inaudible 'songs' that can range from mating calls to danger calls.

As we travelled deeper and deeper in to the Corralum, I noticed around the bend that a tube looked to be eminating a shifting kaleidoscope of colors. When I pointed it out with some alarm, my guide smiling knowingly.

"Harmless." They said in broken Ubiq, and grabbed my shoulder to guide me into the passage.

As soon as we came into view of the passage, I encountered a brilliant flash of red and yellow that threatened to blind me in the dark. It was like observing neon signs in the dark of night, brilliant and hypnotizing.

My Guide darted forward, practiced hands picking up what looked like a large lizard. Its back shimmered and glowed before my eyes.

"Dasher. Glowing. Pretty, yes?"

I nodded in agreement, and he offered me the lizard, who thrashed for a moment in my grasp, but seemed to calm as I held it. I watched its back shift from an alerted red to a dull orange that throbbed with an inner brightness.

"Lights are the words." The poor translation made sense to me thankfully, an interesting species but with caution, I set it back on the floor, where it scurried up to join its fellow Dashers on the top of the tunnel.


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Aug 4, 2023 02:11 by Molly Marjorie

We've got a lot of lizards around here, I so think it would be kind of cool if they all glowed in different patterns. I like the comparison the bird songs. I recently heard the birds of the same species have different geographic "dialects." I wonder if its the same for the dashers.

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Aug 5, 2023 04:56 by Barron

I can guarantee there are plenty of scientists on Jhoutai studying just that! Glad you enjoyed!

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