Slog Mold Slimes

Slog Molds Slimes are amphibious siphonophores native to Nege Trees. They range in size from a few inches across to a couple meters, and can be found near the Slog pools from which they form.

Despite common misconception, Slog molds are not slog which have gained mobility, but are instead species of mold which have evolved to contain slog within itself as a sort of digestive slime. These slow moving, ambush predators wait in pitfalls or near pools to ambush prey.

Once the mold has captured its prey, it will envelop it entirely, digest it, and divide into smaller, discrete slimes.

The recent meals of the Angler Mold seemed suspended as though in rapture, backlit by the creature's namesake constellation of internal glowing lures. At its heart, with limbs neatly folded in by the molds manifold innards and translucent organs, I saw the blurred silhouette of our missing scout; the fool had taken his helmet off, and I could only assume that the mold had taken advantage of this by dropping down from above.

Gravid with its recent meal, it was slow, and as its surface rippled and it slowly turned to face me, to point that hollow, softened, caved-out face to me, I turned and ran.

His death, at least, meant I had an opportunity to escape my own and get back to camp before I, too, became a meal.

Adventine Zravis Punell
1st Nege-Tai Envoy, 2209 GS


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