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The threadfish is a fish that lives in the submerged caverns. They navigate the tunnels with their thin and maneuverable forms, as well as their brilliant memory and directional awareness. Considered "guides of the deep", these seemingly scary fish actually offer salvation to those who have lost their way.


The threadfish has a thin and vertically flat body that looks almost like a skinny, sideways eel. However, they are biologically much different from eels, and can be considered deep-sea fish. They are comfortable in the cold waters of their native habitat, and find discomfort in warmer ones. About one to two feet long, these fish can turn on a dime, affording them a lot of maneuverability in the tight tunnels and corners of their biome. They tend to make their homes in thin cracks in the tarrock surrounding them, crevices that other species struggle to get in and out of.
The species has sharp teeth, with two rows filling their mouths. Their eyes are set into divots in the side of their head, and they have two false eyes on the tops and bottoms of their heads as well. Their grey-brown scales are textured and bumpy, to provide the species protection when scraping up against the rocks and stone of their habitat. These traits give them an appearance often described as creepy, though the species poses no danger to any sapient species.

Average Intelligence

The threadfish is a more intelligent fish than most, able to easily keep track of direction, with good spacial awareness, and with great navigational abilities. In addition, the species seems to be able to recognise when others are lost, and has taken to guiding lost travellers back to others of their kind. Sometimes, they lead one group of lost tourists to another group of lost tourists. However, they will occasionally manage to bring someone back to civilisation, provided that person is able to trust the mildly creepy-looking fish. For this reason, the locals think highly of the fish, though visitors unaware of their behaviours are often distrustful of them.
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