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The Long Night

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Among the few remaining accounts of the events of the War of World's End, there is an event that makes an appearance in each one. This event, known as the Long Night, is told in most sources as a months-long period approaching the conclusion of the War where the sun no longer rose. While originally this was taken as a curse from the worldmothers, it has since been extrapolated that there was a coat of dust and debris so thick in the atmosphere that it blotted out the light of the sun. This is likely an affect of the sheer scale of the fighting; descriptions of the effects of the weapons and tactics used at the end of the war seem to line up with this theory.

The Beginning

Nearing the end of the War, more intense and deadly weapons began to be used. Parts of the world were engulfed in flame, parts that would never be the same. And the people cowered as the planet was cursed, smoke from the fires rising high into the sky to choke out the sun itself. Etharai had never seen such a cold, dark, and lonely winter.

The Night

It was an eternity before the smoke began to clear, an eternity until the cold receded. Crops didn't grow, and animals slowly died off as the few who remained huddled against one another for warmth. And yet still the war raged on, mindless of its effects. It took the near entirety of the planet dying before the night began to end. Nearly half a year of silence, before people began to emerge.

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