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Ribbon Ray

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The ribbon ray is a cartilaginous fish with a short body and a long tail. Found in the kelp forests, these creatures are considered pretty and elegant. They have been represented artistically in a few moderately famous pieces, though they are not particularly well-known outside of the communities in and around the kelp forests.


The ribbon ray has a flat, disk-like body with broad and flat wing-like pectoral fins. Their mouths are ventrally located, while its eyes sit atop its head. The species has two to four long, ribbon-like tails, where it gets its name. These tails can be nearly any colour, though they tend to be darker, and most commonly are purple, orange, or blue in hue. They have spiracles which they use to intake water, passing it outwards through their downward-facing gills to breathe. The species, as a cartilaginous fish, does not have any bones, their skeletons made of tough, elastic cartilage.

Dietary Needs & Habits

The species eats urchins such as the sun urchin and the green urchin, as well as barnacles, clams, and other shellfish, sitting on the sea floor. They have heavy, rounded teeth specialised for eating this prey.

Genetics & Reproduction

Ribbon rays undergo internal fertilisation, the female of the species responsible for carrying eggs until they hatch. Once their eggs have hatched, the mother abandons her young.
Geographic Distribution

Tail Regrowth

Ribbon rays are able to regrow their tails, though only under very specific circumstances. It is only possible for females of the species, and not males, at least as has been observed in the species thus far. They also only regrow their tails when carrying eggs, and only if they lost their tail while they were carrying these eggs. This behaviour has stumped scientists and biologists.


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