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The porcupig is a small creature native to the arid plains. It likes to make its home in the roots of the desert stalker plant, eventually decomposed by these roots after it dies. The porcupig is sometimes kept as livestock in the arid plains, the quils they shed used for many purposes, including writing instruments and ribbing in some forms of clothing.

Basic Information


Porcupigs are small mammals, with round bodies and pinkish skin. Their backs, sides, and back of their head are covered in quils, which are around an inch long normally, but can extend up to 5 inches long when threatened. They clean these quills by rolling in the sand. They have round snouts, and have a great sense of smell, which helps them to find root vegetables. This allows them to find their main food source, from the dryroot plant.


Porcupigs have a very sunny disposition, and can be very friendly to creatures they do not deem a threat. They are unaware that their quills are capable of hurting these creatures, which becomes a problem as one of their ways of expressing love and appreciation is through rubbing the back of their head against a person - something that can cause harm.


Porcupigs can make good pets, though require a bit more upkeep and attention that most household pets would generally need. They cannot live alone, and need to socialise in groups of at least 2 other porcupigs. They cannot eat too much at once, and so in order to be fed properly they must have around 5-7 smaller meals throughout the day. Their quills tend to get caught on things with cracks or holes, which can ruin more delicate embroidery or trap the porcupig in place, causing them to call out for assistance in the species' shrill and distinct distress call.

Porcupigs scare easily, and many have died spontaneously of heart attack. They are very difficult to maintain the health of, and need near-constant attendance to ensure they don't accidentally find themselves in dangerous situations. They are a pet only for the most devoted and careful individual.
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Average Length
2-3 ft.
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