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Dryroot is a plant found in the arid plains, its roots growing into crunchy vegetables eaten by many other species of the region. Domesticated by the apollans that make their homes in the plant's native biome, dryroot can be found both in farms and growing on its own in the wild. It smells vaguely sweet and herbacious, though its taste is a bit more on the bitter side. Its large seeds are enjoted as a staple of apollan cuisine.
Geographic Distribution


Dryroot is barely visible from above the ground's surface, often buried under the sand as it gets blown atop them. The plant's surface growths include thick, woody branches and wide leaves, the latter of which are enjoyed by the porcupig as their primary source of food. Porcupigs always seem to sniff out the location of dryroot plants, even when they are buried - so finding these small creatures is a gret step towards survival if one is stranded in the arid plains with little food. The plant's seeds grow underground, and are the "vegetable" part of the plant, eaten and enjoyed by sapients - primarily apollans. It is wide and tubular, with a pointed end that branches off into roots that collect nutrients. The seeds can be up to a foot long, and are typically at most half that in diameter. The outside of the seed is spined, though the spines are not particularly sharp, and mainly serve as a way for the vegetable to remain rooted in the ground. The interior is crunchy but moist, and is a rare source of water (or, something akin to water) in the arid plains.


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