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Palepetal Flower

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The palepetal flower is an oceanic flower growing across Etharai's waters. It is bioluminescent, producing its own light. This allows for species to easily find it and eat its seeds, spreading the flower so that it can continue to grow.

Basic Information


The palepetal flower is a large flower with wide white petals. It grows fruits, known as palepetal fruits, which are small white berry-like fruits with seeds in the skin. These fruits are edible to nearly every species, although they are incredibly sweet and salty, and many species do not enjoy them in their raw state due to overwhelming tastes of both salt and sugar, which can be confusing to the taste buds.

Biological Cycle

The palepetal flower blooms in the summer, and produces fruits sporatically during this time. The rest of the year, the flowers of the plant die off, and the plant itself just appears sad, brown, and thorny.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
While most palepetal flowers are white, they can also be soft pastel blues and greens, and they can have gold on the parts of their petals near the centre of the flower. These colours are not very visible when deep underwater.



The palepetal fruit and flower can and are both used in a variety of dishes. A popular kuuyik dish that often uses both is kuuyik seafood salad, a dish made from a collection of many ocean plants.


Within the kuuyik flower language, to deep kuuyikar a gift of a palepetal signifies love. Between two unmarried adults, a gift of a palepetal flower is typpically seen as a marriage proposal.


The palepetal flower can thrive in many environments, and makes a wonderful houseplant. It is typically kept as a decoration in underwater kuuyik houses, but it can also survive on the surface, provided enough saltwater.

Cover image: Macro Photography of White Flower by Pixabay


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