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Neurocites are a strange species, who some argue should not even be considered a species. Found all across the planet, though particularly close to bloodlines, this species seems to stem directly from the magic of the planet. At a glance, they seem to be somewhat related to the phenomenon of ghosts, but further examinations show the two "species" to be incredibly different from one another. Where ghosts waver in and out of visibility due to their connection to the planet's magic, neurocites manipulate the magic around them to ensure a constant and steady connection. They are able to communicate with other species, albeit to a limited capacity, making them legally protected from any interference. For this reason, they are known to be incredibly annoying for arcane researchers, who must halt all research if one enters a certain radius of them.


Neurocites appear as a floating tangle of glowing and pulsing lines. The patterns of this pulsing seems to be connected to or indicitive of thought in some capacity. They generally float around 4-6 feet above the ground when unobserved. They tend to change heights to reflect the species around them, placing themselves at eye level.


Neurocites seem to wander around aimlessly, with no real pattern across the species. They either cannot or chose not to travel through solid barriers, though their capacity for magic would easily allow it. They tend to follow people around when they are able to, though they don't do anything.


Neurocites are capable of a limited form of communication, which they can use with any species. They can project a low-level telepathic Aura, strong enough to be felt by most sapient species that are not energophobic. With this field, they are able to convey basic emotions, by causing those around them to feel these emotions.

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