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The moonblossom is a floral species residing in tidepools. When they are submerged in water, their flowers shrink into small buds to protect their interior from the ocean's salt water. They bloom when the tides recede enough to bring the flowers above the surface, which is how these flowers get their names.
Moonblossoms are commonly used as a symbol of rebirth or reconnection in Kuuyot. A gift of or using moonblossom petals would signify a desire to rekindle a fading connection with the recipient, or could be used at the end of a long-term illness that has been overcome. They can also be used in coming-of-age ceremonies, marking a transition into a new stage of life.

Basic Information


Moonblossom flowers have thin and sprawling roots, seeping through the cracks of the rocks they grow in. Above the rocks, their stalks are much sturdier, able to withstand the tides as they come and go. These stalks are rarely very long, only a few centimetres in length.
The flowers themselves are small and pale green in colour. Their petals are tapered at the ends, with three layers. The outer layer is a much darker green, and serve to protect the flowers when the tides rise. The middle layer is a pastel green, while the inner layer is pale green, with white at the base of the petal. Typically, the outer layer has around 4-6 petals, the middle has 5-7, and the inner has 8-10.

Ecology and Habitats

The moonblossom is only ever found in tide pools. It cannot survive in the ocean, as the much stronger currents are too overwhelming for the flowers, and the waves on the shorelines where they would have to reside would sweep them away entirely. The flowers also cannot exist on land, as they rely on being submerged in salt water most of the time in order to maintain their internal balance. They rely on hummingbees, native to the coastal regions of Etharai, for pollination.
Fragile outside of their home environments, moonblossom flowers are one of the few flowers not kept as decoration by kuuyikar. However, their petals can be dried and used for a few different purposes. They can be made into a paint with a faint green pigment. They are also known to be used for decoration, such as confetti or decorative frames.


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