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The fruitflower, found on the understory of the megaforest, is a carnivorous flower named after its sickly-sweet scent. The species grows on the low branches of trees, wrapping its vines around the branches to "root" itself down, though these vines are not actually roots, as they bring no nutrients to the plant. The flower is almost three feet in diameter, and its petals excrete a sticky and sweet-smelling syrup that entices insects to land on it. However, the syrup is acidic and toxic to the touch, and as the insects try to eat the syrup, they are instead digested by the plant.


Fruitflowers range in colour from maroon to dark purple, and their petals are an obovate shape, with a singular small spike-like point at the tip of the petal. Its vines are a deep green colour and have a bumpy texture to them, thought to help the plant stick to its perch.

Genetics & Reproduction

Fruitflowers can reproduce by self-pollination or cross-fertilisation. The plant forms seeds, which appear black and fuzzy and are about an inch length-wise. The seeds are a flattened oval shape, with a small indent at the top.
Geographic Distribution

Repurposed Toxins

Though the acidic syrup on the petals of the fruitflower are meant to entrap insects, the jungle rat has learned that licking the petals of the flower, without stepping on them, results in a sweet yet spicy flavour that gives them a bit of a "buzz". They are one of the few non-sapient species who have been observed intentionally getting high recreationally.

Uses & Byproducts

Sweet & Sour Syrup

The sweetness, sourness, and spice of the syrup produced by the fruitflower is an intense flavour that some qelka have begun to use in a few of their dishes. It only works well paired with less distinct or over powering flavours, or the dish can quickly become too much, with too many conflicting flavours.

Medicinal Purposes

The jylar have found a few different medicinal uses for different parts of the plant; the syrup can be thinned and used to clean bacteria from wounds, and the vines, dried and crused, help encourage clotting or blood to close wounds faster. The petals themselves can also be repurposed as makeshift bandages.

Rope & Building

The vines of the fruitflower are incredibly strong, and are used by many sapients to fasten or hoist heavy items. The jylar are known to make thick net-like platforms using rope made from fruitflower vines, and the qelka like to make swinging or hanging buildings, beds, and platforms. The latter also like to make swings with it.


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