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Deepcoral is a coral species native to the submerged caverns. They line the walls of the tunnels in which they make their homes, sometimes growing all the way across a path and blocking it entirely. They are sometimes harvested by deep kuuyikar for food or their minor medicinal qualities.

Basic Information


Deepcoral is typically grey, brown, or white in colour. While for many other coral species, this colouration would mean they are dead or dying, while in deepcoral these colours indicate health. They can grow in a variety of patterns, so much so that sometimes the same organism can look like two entirely different species.

Ecology and Habitats

Deepcoral has evolved to live in the dark, cold environment of the submerged caverns. It crawls across cave walls, and is sensitive to the sun, making it less common the higher in the caverns one travels.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Deepcoral subsists off a variety of things. Its primary diet is that of microorganisms drifting through the caverns, which it catches through filters in its skin. It can also eat carnivorous algae, making it one of the only non-sapient species to be able to do so.
Geographic Distribution
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A few deep kuuyik dishes include deepcoral in their ingredients. Some such dishes are coral cake, deepcoral pudding, and a flavour of ocean gelato. Unfortunately, none of these foods are edible to non-kuuyikar.


Deepcoral has minor anti-inflammatory uses when prepared in a certain way that separates certain protiens in the coral from the rest of it. Medicines made from deepcoral are often ingested by kuuyikar, though other species require the medicine in a paste form instead.


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