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The khehlos is a predatory mammal native to the arid plains. They are prey to the sand lion, and in addition to their hunting techniques, the species has a handful of traits that allow them to survive, protecting them to some degree from predation.

Basic Information


Khehlos are a feline species with long, snaking bodies. They have six legs, in three pairs; these legs are only a quarter of their height, keeping their bodies low to the ground. They have tan or beige skin, designed to blend in to the sand of their biome, with slightly darker stripes and spots on their fur creating visual noise so that they are less likely to be notices. Covering their backs and sides are false eyes, set in their skin and uncovered by fur. These eyes are meant to trick predators, such as the sand lion, into thinking that a khehlos is watching and aware of them, and thus leaving them alone.
Khehlos are incredibly agile and mobile, with their movement often described as somewhat snake-like. They spend much of their time and travels halfway submerged in the sand, with only their backs and heads poking out. Their long whiskers on their face are the width of their body, allowing them to determine immeditely whether they will be able to fit through small openings.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Khehlos hunt the small wildlife of the arid plains. Their primary source of food are the porcupigs found in the region, which the khehlos will squeeze through the roots of the desert stalkers where their prey makes its home. One porcupig can sustain a single khehlos for up to a week, so they are not much of a threat to it's population - both the khehlos and the porcupig continue to thrive within the arid plains.
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10-12 years
Average Height
0.8-1.0 feet
Average Length
3-4 feet
Geographic Distribution


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