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Lukius's eyes shot open as excruciating pain surged through every inch of his body. He lay prone in the dirt, helpless and desperate for relief. Towering over him was Sar'ach, an otherworldly creature birthed from the void of the desert. Its presence bore an ominous testament to the extremities of chaos it embodied. The beast focused on Lukius, who twisted mechanically, contorted by the sickening dance of mutilation being inflicted upon him. His gurgling gasps were the only sounds that echoed across the vast expanse of desert around them. His body was equipped with the most advanced cellular regeneration technology known to man, which should have been able to repair any damage done, but it was a cruel irony that only prolonged his suffering.

Sar’ach took pleasure in tormenting its prey, tearing apart newly healed flesh and drenching the sand with blood. Each repetition was an auto-correcting glitch tearing through Lukius's very nerves. Tears poured down his dust-caked face, reflecting the flames that painted the desert expanse.

Time and again, Lukius opened his mouth, tried to plead. Not for mercy—there was no mercy to be found here—but for release. Each time, sheer agony slashed through his tongue. His auto-healing body modifications activated after each blow, fusing shattered bone and knitting ripped tissue, always bringing him back to the brink of death's sweet embrace, but his mechanized tether to life never let him tumble onto the other side.

As Lukius writhed in agony under Sar'ach's malevolent claws, his despair mounted: what more could he beg and pray for if death was what eluded him?

Pain, anguish, agony; rinse and repeat. Lukius’ consciousness wove in and out of his disintegrating reality, his calculated features contorting in an unfathomable dance of despair. He would scream audibly every time his repair cycle activated, only to have the pain stifle his cries.

The desolate battleground around him had fallen deathly silent. Not even the cries of battle or the chilling howls of the dread-spawning beast echoed throughout the still air. The only thing that broke the silence were Lukius' gargling cries, each one bubbling in his throat and punctuated by the occasional high-pitched scream that signaled the next iteration of his torturous loop. Each successive ebb of the loop clawed at Lukius's sanity, only to bring him back long enough to make him aware of the pain all over again. Lukius was drowning.

A collective dread swept over the traumatized soldiers as they gazed upon Lukius's awful plight. His shattered form, once feared and loathed by all, was now reduced to a trembling husk; seared into their retinas for eternity. One by one, desperation sowed its seed in their minds until eventually, many started to collapse in terror, curling up tight and shutting their eyes forcefully, their sanity dimming beneath the weight of what they were witnessing. Some began shrieking in torment, their minds already broken by the sight. With glazed eyes wide with unspoken terror, they grabbed their helmets, firearms, anything they could hold and jammed them into their gaping mouths, granting themselves sweet oblivion. Others simply slipped away into the warm embrace of insanity, their minds refusing to digest the depth of the horror unfolding in front of them.

Something inside Evelynn broke as she watched Lukius suffer. Each of his screams twisted a dagger into her soul, piercing the facade of fervor she had worn until now. The battlefield was an abattoir filled with vacant stares and desolation, erasing any sense of heroic justice. Lukius's cybernetic nightmare breathed corrupted ambition, a testament to humanity's futile dance with godhood. His ghastly performance reminded all of the primal fear that blanketed them all, surrendered before an entity driven solely by its passion for inflicting pain on others. There was no respite, no escape, only an open-ended torment.


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Nov 1, 2023 22:37

Wow this is good new bad news. The good news is I have powerful regeneration talents, the bad new is it hurts every time it beats on me and I can't die. What a fantastic visual of action and drama.

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Nov 2, 2023 02:29 by Gabrielle Decker

Thank you so much!

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