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Toad Sweat


Toad Sweat is a powerful aphrodisiac made from the secretions of the horny toad. Though the undiluted form of the substance has been classified as a controlled substance by The Council of Five and outright banned by four of the Council’s five member nations, diluted Toad Sweat is a popular perfume and cologne throughout Eden.


Since the Second Age, the world’s most popular purveyor of diluted Toad Sweat has been the Landuc Company. In fact, their proprietary recipe is so beloved that they essentially monopolize the market. Debate rages as to whether or not it is actually more effective in attracting potential mates, but the famous Second Age ad campaign (pictured above) featuring the beloved supermodel and philanthropist Laudine looms large in the public imagination.


Material Characteristics

In its natural, undiluted state, Toad Sweat is a clear, colorless semifluid. Moist and sticky, it is hard to wash off once applied to the skin.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The taste and smell of the material are highly variable. Toad Sweat can taste or smell like just about anything. It all depends on what taste or smell would be the most sexually stimulating to the person tasting or smelling the material.


The wearing of Toad Sweat on one’s skin dramatically increases libido in the wearer and can overwhelm the senses of passersby, but it is important to note that it does not significantly impair the decision-making capacity of most individuals. A person might find themselves feeling hornier or randier than usual when under the effects of Toad Sweat, but they will not pursue a partner that they would not otherwise be attracted to. They might pursue someone they wouldn’t have been bold enough to approach before, but their standards aren’t going to significantly change.


Similarly, the asexual or aromantic are not going to stop being themselves when exposed to Toad Sweat. They may feel happier than normal, or experience a prolonged state of euphoria, but they aren’t going to suddenly be interested in doing things they weren’t interested in before.


And despite attack ads claiming that Toad Sweat leads to increased infidelity, studies have routinely shown that if a person in a commited relationship is exposed to Toad Sweat while out and about, they are more likely to run home to their partner(s) than they are to hook up with a random stranger.

Common State


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Dec 22, 2023 11:46 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I'm glad it doesn't impair people's decision-making capacity. Though I'm sure some people try to use that as an excuse.   "But, honey, it's not my fault. I got exposed to toad sweat."

Dec 22, 2023 11:57 by E. Christopher Clark

Yep! There's a whole bunch of slang that sprung up around it, some of which I explored in my original "Horny Toad" article during Bestiary February and some of which I'm going to expand on for my forthcoming Language Template article (which is going to be about Edenian Slang).

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Dec 27, 2023 16:22 by Chris L

The image literally made me LOL! Glad you're getting to play around with weirdo concepts this World Ember!

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Dec 27, 2023 20:42 by E. Christopher Clark

Thanks, man. Yeah, I'm having fun. Can't wait to finally start reading some stuff soon and seeing what you and others have been cooking up.

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