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Emerald City Tram


The Emerald City Tram is a public transportation network located in the capital city of Oz. It is a gondola lift system with five intersecting, color-coded lines—Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, and Blue—and is a popular way of sight-seeing the capital from high above. That said, it has never been particularly popular as an option for commuting—its original intended purpose. As with many things brought to Oz by its first emperor, the indigenous halflings rejected it in favor of the various methods of ground transport they’d been using to traverse Eden for over a hundred years.


Interestingly, a similar system built in the Winkie city of Embershire is amongst the most popular public transportation networks in Eden—proving that halfings don’t hate the idea of public transit at all; they just hate the tyrranical Wizard of Oz and any idea that ever sprang out of his evil skull.



Each tram car can hold from 12–24 individuals, depending on the size of those individuals.


Speed and Travel Time

Travel time from one side of the Emerald City to the other typically takes no more than 30 minutes, given that there are dozens and dozens of cars circling the skies above the city at any one time.

The Eye-Soar
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