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Adam Bomb

Adam Schulz, better known as Adam Bomb, was a costumed adventurer during the Third Age of Eden. The teenaged boy played a pivotal role in the Battle of Kirbyville, where his brash decision to attack the far more experienced Captain Nunya—along with his supernatural ability to absorb and redirect kinetic energy—led directly (albeit accidentally) to an explosion at an elven orphanage.


This explosion—which also led to the death of young Mister Schulz—killed countless children. As a result, the commanders of both armies declared a temporary ceasefire and decided to settle things in a different way: a six-on-six battle of superheroes in the wide open space of nearby Vaughan Park.


After that, and after Abraham the Honest’s famous address ended the war for good and all, Adam Bomb became no more than a footnote in Edenian history. His promising career as a member of the New Soldiers was all but forgotten—as were the rumors he would be asked to join the Vengeance Society upon his eighteenth birthday. All that folks remember about him now, if they remember him at all, is that he flung himself too hard and too fast at too savvy and agile a target, and that kids lost their lives because of his recklessness.


Supernatural Abilities

Schulz possessed the ability to absorb kinetic energy into his body and then redirect it at will. You could punch Adam Bomb all you wanted and he’d just laugh it off. But when he went to punch you? Then it was up to you to gird your loins and get ready for the pain.


Sadly, because Schulz’s power potential was activated by childhood trauma and not through careful training, he relied upon a ríxtanian containment suit to regulate and disperse the energy he collected just by walking around. It was, in fact, a break in this suit which led to Schulz’s explosion at the orphanage—a suit which had never failed him before.

347 363
Place of Death
5' 10"
170 lbs


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Dec 5, 2023 18:17 by Chris L

This guy is cool and also has powers similar to Cannonball! Just sticking with my New Mutants comparisons!

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