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It's definitely not magic Europe, no way. And there's no haphazard mixing of cultures, nope nope. How much do the gods sway the fate of mortals? Do their hands shape the earth, or does the earth shape the people that live on its surface? There are more stories on the earth than there are stars in the sky. Their entire and complete chronicling is the duty of the Akashic Records, not this compendium of histories. This is a mere glimpse into the world, its inhabitants, and the powers that influence the world.   The current year is 1020AR.  

Places to Start


Alramal Alkhafiya | Aragonia | Bhaltír | Cetoile | Skadi | | Fidira | Karthain | The Hundred Principalities | Empire of the Heavenly Jade Throne | Vralach  


Dwarf | Elf | Fae | Goblin | Human | Merfolk | Orcs  


Of Cetoile: Thierrin | Azariel | Baraqel | Desmariel | Eloa | Ielhim Laila | Moshiel | Samyazai | Tatael | Urdel | Yiniel Zariel
Of Skadi: Atrogrimmheg | Sigramma
Of Ruma | Hethe

Other Things

Ongoing Plots: The Lost Mine | Marooned | Princess Errant
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