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Drake's Dozen

Revolution is coming

Industrial, magical, political; the dual-moon planet of Neyush is on the precipice of change.

People of many different species, reeling from the effects of the Great War almost two centuries ago, are accelerating into a new age, fueled by innovative discoveries and forgotten secrets. The event that ended the war and decimated an entire people is referred to as The Blink.

No-one knows how or why it happened, though many have theories.

Little fish, big pond

The Blink also brought change to the Dozen.

Empty metaphysical Spheres of existence, or the homes of unknowable, ancient gods? Opportunities for life-enhancing magitech, or eldritch traps waiting to ensnare the curious? Aspects of reality as normal as time and gravity, or complex creations of the Drake herself?

Whatever the Dozen truly are, something is different now. Something changed with the Blink. Something is coming to Neyush.

Are the secrets behind the Dozen the key to saving it, or the catalyst for its doom?

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Mukéye Engine

When the Tower out of Time appeared just ouside Jolakefu, it brought a lot of questions.

Mukéye disappeared years ago, but he had only died recently. Did he somehow survive in the Frozen Desert for three years, or did the tower travel through time as well as space?

Does this tower prove that the Shifting City exists? If so, where is it?

Did Mukéye build the Mukéye Engine himself, or did he adapt it from ancient technology?

Why is the area around the Tower nifused with planar energy, and why do ghostly figures endlessly wander around it?

The biggest question is what exactly the Mukéye engine does. It's clear that it somehow moves between places, but that's all that can be said for certain. Mukéye's Research Notes, whether damaged or incomplete, don't go into any detail on the exact workings or how he got it working before his death.

As Mukéye went missing three years before the Tower appeared, expert opinion is torn on whether he found the Shifting City and lived there in isolation for three years before activating the Engine, or if the Engine somehow travels through time as well.

No-one has yet been able to reactivate the Engine, and the ghosts make it impossible to spend more than a few hours in the Tower before an oppressive sense of doom and loss of focus forces people to either leave or withdraw into themselves and start to go mad.


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