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Assassination of Ingmar Diedrich

Ingmar Diedrich was considered by many to be the architect of the Novus Ordo. He was the head of the most powerful Paneuropean family, and at the helm of the Hellios Conglomerate.
  Despite his 32 years, he had already proven himself to be a cunning strategist, a merciless enemy and a brilliant negotiator. Those around him knew well he was also a heartless sociopath. It was rumored he had poisoned his father in order to become the head of the Diedrich Family, although whatever proof there was had been buried alongside him.   Ingmar’s greatest achievement was the drafting and execution of the Novus Ordo, which gave his Family extended power and control. The leverage he had over the other families in convincing them to agree to his draft was never revealed as he was shot on the 27th of March, 19 years after The Lapse.   The man charged for his murder was Arnold Bright, an unknown poet and animal rights activist. Bright belonged to the Plebis, one of the lower Castes, and although he never admitted to being responsible for the murder, he was used as the pretext for the inexorable enforcement of the Novus Ordo, leading to the events of the First Uprising.   The death of Ingmar Diedrich created a power vacuum in the Family, swiftly and effectively filled by his sisters Petra and Jutta. It was because of them that even after the assassination, the Diedrich family maintained its privileged position among the Eight.


39 AL


Neu Bonn / Paneuropa




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