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Winter Drake

The Winter Drake is a predator of the Endless Sea of Ice hunting in packs up to six drakes with the largest being the alpha of the pack. They hunt in packs using their numbers as an advantage while being gifted with razor sharp talons, rows of rending teeth and a frigid lethal icy breath.    


  An adult male weighs in at around 1000 lbs. and eight to ten feet in length. Females are generally faster weighing in at 500 lbs. and are six to eight foot in length. Their bodies are covered in tiny while scales that shift an adapt to the white scape around them. This allows them to conceal themselves in the ice and snow to all but the most trained observers.    


  The Winter Drakes are amphibious spending a portion of their hunting at sea, with the majority still on land. They are excellent swimmers an can swim for days.    

Hunting & Diet

  The winter drake is highly carnivorous feeding on anything from the water or land. Hunting primarily at the interface of ice, water and air. They use their frigid and lethal ice breath to kill or subdue any prey that appears larger, more dangerous or more numerous than it.    

Rumors & Secrets

  Reports have been floated about a "White Queen Winter Drake", however no proof has come to the surface. As it stands now they are stories to be bandied about the tap room.  
  She was 20 feet tall and twice as long, her left talon still had half a polar bear skewered on it, while my friends were crushed under the right. That is when she began to spew our an icy blizzard of death. Ya, no, I will never travel the Endless Sea again. Pass me that bottle.  

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

  This article is inspired by the northern people of Nall mentioned in the Ptolus book and the Nixians of the Endless Sea of Ice, with inspiration taken from a white dragon and a polar bear. The statblocks were designed on D&D Beyond.  


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