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  • 1 +
  • Resolve Bonus +
  • Stamina Bonus +
  • Composure Bonus
1 +1
3 +2
5 +3
Peak 10/5
    Permanenet Willpower
Permanent willpower is the maximum willpower rating for the character. This may not be exceeded unless an affect or mechanic specifically states that it exceeds Permanent Willpower. Certain affects require you to expend Permanent Willpower which may be regained with the use of Experience Points.   Current Willpower
Current Willpower is the current rating of your characters Willpower at the moment. This will ebb and flow with the course of the game   Willpower Exclusions
There are certain items that you may not spend Willpower on to boose or enhance your results. In some situations the use of Willpower functions different and unique to that element. Examples are:
  • Breaking Points
  • Vampire Frenzy
  • Purely metagame rolls with no awareness
A player can only create one effect with Willpower each turn. He can spend as many Willpower as necessary to create the effect. A player can spend Willpower to gain any one of the following effects. Any expenditure of Willpower must be declared and spent prior to dice rolls and results.   Activate Powers
Many Gifts require Willpower to be spent. Examples: Theban Blood Sorcery   Extraordinary Effort
Increase an action’s Intensity by +1e from Scale. This represents a moment of extraordinary concentration, luck and dramatic flow. This means the Enhancement from Scale will stack however this does not change the original Scale.   Talented Defense
The player may spend a point of Willpower to gain a +1e bonus from Scale to the character’s Defense for the rounnd. This means the Enhancement from Scale will stack however this does not change the original Scale.  
Willpower is a limited resource and once spent doesn’t return immediately. A character does not automatically starts every session with a full Willpower pool. She may regain spent Willpower in the following ways.   Scene Breaks
The character regains a single point of Willpower at the start of each new scene.   Consolation
The Storyguide can offer the character the ability to regain a point of Willpower as a Consolation on a failed roll, in addition to awarding Momentum.   Rest
The character regains one point of Willpower upon waking from a restful sleep.  
  The Willpower mechanic carried over from Chronicles of Darkness is based on the Trinity Continuum Inspiration mechanic, but modified and reduced so as to not make the Inspiration mechanic obsolete. A character CANNOT have both the Inspiration and the Willpower Advantage.  


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