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Why Human Vampires

  You know what you get when you blend a couple of very different table-top role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons with Vampire the Requiem. Well first you get lots of questions. So lets try and answer some of those questions, pertaining to why human vampires?  
  Are all of Vecna's Kindred/vampires human?
The short answer is no, but most are.   Why are most of Vecna's Kindred/vampires human?
This answer lies at the intersection of system and setting. First Vampire the Requiem is a table-top role playing game set in a modern day similar to our own, but with a subtle layer of dark supernatural and a focus on personal horror as the vampire, you, struggles with what it means to balance between the beast and the man. So in this setting all of the vampires are human. In the worlds of Dungeon & Dragons most major cities have a human population of 70% or more. Also in the Shadow War, a subtle war being waged against a human city, it makes a lot more sense to infiltrate the human city with human vampires. So what happened when you throw these in a blender? Read on.   Can Vecna's Kindred/vampires be non-human races?
The short answer is yes. Picture it now you are a vampire hobbit living peacefully in the Shire, next door neighbor of the famous Bag-Ends, Baggers, oh you know who I mean. You only come out at night and feed on the ... ya let's be honest this just doesn't work. Or a mountain region Goliath vampire how travles the outdoors and mountain tops from sundown to sunrise, oh crap no cave this time, and its been days since I fed, is that a mountain goat, ya not so much. So can non-humans be a vampire? Yes, but rarely. Could you dream up all kinds of crazy ideas like Drow Priestess Vampires, sure, this is not that game, move along.   How is the requiem of a non-human vampire?
In reality non-humans are usually treated one-step below other vampires or Kindred. Non-human Kindred would also have to work that much harder to be accepted, much less excel. Rarely do the Elders approve of a non-human Kindred under the Second Tradition of Progeny. There are a few rare non-human Kindred that have not only succeeded but overcome their obstacle, for example Sarko a half-elf Mekhet. It is also easier for a half-breed than a full non-human.   Are Elves Fae? No, Elves are Fae-Touched or of Fey Ancestry (this is the D&D term that provide Advantage against charm) but they are not Fae. The Kindred also know elves by the term, the Sons of Fore-Ever Years or the Sons of Fey. The Dungeons & Dragons creature type Fey are considered Fae. The Changeling the Lost are considered Fae or Fey. Some well known Fey types are Dyads, Pixies, Quicklings, Redcaps, Satyrs and Sprites just to name a few. There is a legendary enmity between the Kindred and the Sons of Fore-Ever Years woven into the storyline and prophecy.


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