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Shadow Souled

While I am very pleased with many of my Summer Camp articles this one should be considered a Work in Progress. It will most likely be edited after the submit date and should not be considered for judging or prizes. Thank you.

WIP UC Work in Progress Under Construction

  The Shadows Souled are parasitic shadow creatures from a dark fragment of the Realms Beyond. They wait and watch for hitchhikers through their dark realms to hop a ride to the travelers destination.


  The Shadowfell, also known as the Demiplane of Shadows or the Shadowlands, is the home to shadows, dread, and the dark feelings of life. A place drained of hope and color with a sky of black dull onyx with shades of grey given to what passes for life.

Dark Hitchhikers

  While few travel the dark and grey roads of the Shadow Lands there are still a handful. The Shadow Souled can smell those dark of heart or those that carry mental baggage enough to latch on to them. It seems the they may only leave the Shadow Lands while hiding within the bodies of other much like a fiendish virus.

Dark Shapes

  The Shadow Souled exist in three states. Their true forms are nothing more than wisps of shadow and smoke about the size of a hand or larger. Their size increases in relationship to their personal power. They can however force their bodies to mimic the silhouette of domestic animals common to their area allowing them a subtle guise at distance.
  The shadow Souled can seep into other creatures where they find weaknesses. They may smell the darkness of heart or the mental scars of trauma. This allows them escape from the Shadow Lands acting like a hitch hiking parasite. They lay and wait using opportunities like stress and conflict to wrest control of the body away from its rightful owner.
  Their final form is known as Shadow Aspect where they are in control of a host body allowing them to manifest their dark powers while they consume the host body a bit at a time.

Shadow Gifts



  Fire, Sun and Radiance. They share much and more with vampires suffering much the same vulnerabilities.
          Exalted Essence Stats
  Shadow Souled 6 4 2 +2e   D2 S2 H3   Immaterial   Ride
  • 1m inhabit dead

  •   Shadow Chill Strike
  • Damage: 1
  • Soak: -1
  • Range: Close - Short (1m Long)

  •   Steal Breath
  • Range: Close & Grapple
  • Damage: 1 Drain
  • Soak -1

  •   Mindless vs Mental
      Immortal (Shadow)
  • Destroy body sever Ride



    Shadow Souled 1 by Graylion on MidJourney AI

    Shadow Souled 2 by Graylion on MidJourney AI


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