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Opal Sisters

(a.k.a. Iris & Siri Rau)

The Opal sisters as they are called by those in the know are the twins Iris & Siri Rau. Very discrete members of the Rau Noble Family of the city of Ptolus. They have worked very hard to build a portfolio of public identities as Rau staff and keep their family status secretive. They are experts at subterfuge, information gathering, spotting and exploiting personal weaknesses. Within the family they are well known for the complex con games.    
No silly, we don't need the money. We do this for the rush, the thrill, the excitement, and because we can.
— Iris & Siri

Iris Rau

  While Iris dabbles in low level magics and illusions her physical prowess is what she has spent long hours honing. She is dangerous with all manner of light blades including throwing them, an assortment of various blades are scattered across her clothing and person. Her lethal blades are never more than a wrist flick away. She is well skilled at physical larceny, slight of hand, stealth, and second story work.    

Siri Raul

  Siri comes off as the academic sister having studied arcane arts that enhance her ability to perform cons and skullduggery. She specializes in magic and spells that can be used for stealth, surveillance, information gather, disguise and to assist in combat.    

Favorite Con

  One of the favorites cons for the sisters to run is switching and swapping themselves in and out of their "mark". While one is occupied with a sister, seeing and knowing that they are right in front of them while the other sister is busy casing, looting and escaping while the mark is distracted. To enhance this game they have practiced, planned and synchronized their mannerisms and habits to an extreme degree, making it very difficult to differentiate them from each other unless they plan it. Long ago they coined this con the "Opal", or lets pull an "opal", after acquiring a very rare and expensive "Fire Opal Necklace" the first time they used it.    
Reference note from Ptolus Book 5e hardback to tie the Rau family
(remove after editing, article exceeds 300 words without this note)   The head of the house is Verrana Rau (female human). Her son Kalbir (male human) is in his mid-twenties; he is her virtual equal in the house and helps manage all Rau business. Verrana’s cousin, Bellas (male human), does little but use house finances to indulge in his vices, but his wife Nara (female human) is an expert in appraising goods and people, making her invaluable to the family as they work with and manage various criminals.
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Year of Birth
695 IA 26 Years old
Aligned Organization

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Character Portrait image: Splinter Twin on MtG Art by Goran Josic by


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