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TV-MA   Adult & Graphic Language   Graphic Violence           Original Sin Theme Research     Some things on this website may be inappropriate for children. Please only enter this site if you are 18 or over. We do not claim to be real vampires, hold cultist activities, or take anything that happens inside this game as real. So please, realize this is a fictional game and take everything in this site as game info or simply with a big grain of salt. If you don't like these rules, then please click the close button on your browser and have a nice day.   Otherwise, welcome to the Game!  

Mature Content Warning

  For the past several decades, Vampire: The Masquerade has addressed the darkness in the real world through horror stories: it has talked about AIDS, capitalist exploitation, sexual predation, the resurgence of far-right political extremism, religious fanaticism, state and private surveillance, and many other issues. This version of the game does not shy away from any of the above, and we believe exploration of subjects like these is as valid in roleplaying games as it is in other media. Including a problematic subject in a Storytelling game is not the same as glorifying it, and if you take the chance to explore it critically, it can be the exact opposite. If we understand the problems facing us, we are better armed to fight them.   V5 includes in-world references and expressions of the following: sexual violence, political extremism, physical violence and gore, mind control, torture, abuse, imprisonment and kidnapping, racism, sexism, and homophobia, to name a few. It’s a game about monsters.   “Why are you telling me this?” you might be saying.   Someone at your table is not familiar with this game. Someone at your table has dealt with some of these issues in real life. Someone at your table wants to know that you read this warning and know you will be considerate to them as players, while putting their character through the wringer.   In the Appendix, you will find concrete techniques on how to handle difficult subjects in your game in a manner that is respectful to your players and their experiences. Calibrate beforehand which techniques your group wants to use. People have different needs and not every method works for every person.   This is a game about monsters. But it is only a game.   Don’t use it as an excuse to be a monster yourself.  
— Vampire the Maasquerade V5  


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