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Why are you here?

Access Denied

If you did not visit this page on purpose, you probably ended up here because you clicked a forbidden link. The content on these "forbidden pages" is exclusively for my supporters on Patreon.

Why can't I view forbidden pages?

Creating a world costs a lot. By that I don't just mean money, but also my time, my heart and soul and a lot of creative work. The time I can put into this project is limited, because I also have to live on something. That's why there is Patreon, which frees up the time I can put into this world and its sister world, Andrawyn.

To reward those who support me in this way, there are "forbidden pages" which have content that is only accessible to them. This can be artwork, a short story or additional information about the world that others just don't get. In addition, there are secrets and additional information in the existing articles, which are accessible to the respective patreons.

I don't want to pay each month, could I just spend money once?

Not yet, but for the future it is planned to be able to buy access to different pages separately, or even get lifetime access. All this is still in the planning phase and will only be available at a later date.

What kind of content will I get if I support you?

That depends on which Patreon Tier is chosen. Depending on the level of support, and thus the amount of money Calyria is supported with, there are accesses to lore contributions, player material, game master material and even the possibility to actively participate in Calyria and Andrawyn.


What happens with your money?

Art, Software and all that Jazz

Fixed Costs

My first partial goal is to cover the fixed costs of Calyria and Andrawyn. This includes mainly the costs for the software I use. Currently, these fixed costs are $60 a month.

Artwork Commissions

Once the fixed costs are covered, I work towards the goal of being able to illustrate the articles. Since I can only doodle, I would like to engage artists to do so, who will do the artwork for certain main articles and species. This brings the monthly costs up to about $100, which is the second subgoal.

Part Time Job

The next step is to be able to invest the equivalent of a mini job in the worlds and their development. That's 15 hours more each week. That's where I'll be when the income is $700 a month.

Full Time Job

The final goal is to earn my money by developing roleplaying settings and the SIRP system. At this point I would have to earn $4000 a month and could afford to work 40 hours a week on the world and the system.


The Order

Honorable Supporters

My gratitude to my supporters and all those, who take part in this setting in any way.

Which role do you want to take?

Throughout the world, there are articles and secrets that contain spoilers that are important to Chronists but can spoil the experience for players. For this reason, choose here whether you are a player or a Chronist.

Do you enjoy adult content?

If you subscribe to this group, you'll have access to parts of the world that feature violence, depression, human trafficking, sexual content, and all the topics that make a setting dark and mature in nature. These will mainly be behind NSFW-articles anyway, but even those contain darker elements.

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