P&P Systems

P&P Systems is a young technology corporation from Nuremberg. The group appeared practically out of nowhere in 2028 and holds the patents for important innovations in memory-technology and neural interfaces.


The corporation follows a somewhat idiosyncratic structure, headed by the developer and formal majority shareholder Paige Krüger, who determines the fortunes of the corporation in consultation with the Supervisory Board.

The exact members of the Supervisory Board are unknown, apart from Chairman Lucius McKenzy, who is probably known to many as the owner of the Goddess of Sex corporation.



The Group's departments are subject to strict secrecy, which is why very little is known about them. However, it is an open secret that P&P Systems at this point in time limits itself to its core business, the development of chips and neural interfaces, as well as the further development of the artificial intelligence "Paige".



The shares in the Group are held by two persons, the developer Paige Krüger, who owns 60% of the shares, and Lucius McKenzy, who owns 40% of the shares.



P&P Systems employs a total of 300,000 people at its four locations in Nuremberg, San Francisco, London and Los Angeles. As far as is known, the employees are absolutely loyal and have so far avoided any attempts to entice them away.

Public Agenda

Externally, the Group makes no distinction between the faceless and the owners of an Identification Chip. In 2028 alone, 150,000 new Identification Chips were issued by the Group and the faceless were taken off the streets.

In addition, it is known about the company that it buys and rehabilitates areas in the poorer residential areas, but continues to keep rents low, which is provoking some other corporations against the young company.


In addition to its high equity capital, the Group's assets include above all real estate and patents.



The subscribed capital according to the balance sheet amounts to 1 billion credits, which were raised and contributed by the two shareholders in proportion to their shares. It is unclear whether the money raised comes from private assets or from a group of donors who wish to support the Group.



P&P Systems holds a number of patents, including on the structure of the new P536 processor used in many modern terminals and decks.

The best known and most controversial patent, however, concerns the AI Paige. Their system code, personality structure and the individual modules for system integration are protected by patents in all industrialized nations of the world - and P&P Systems takes all possible action against infringements.

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2-Star Corporation
Founding Date
May 2028
Corporation, Commerce

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