Mobile Clinic

Mobile clinics are the core of every Armed Emergency Response (AER) team in North America, Asia and Europe. They are vehicles that are about twice the size of a normal ambulance. The clinics provide space for a team of two doctors, four medics and a driver who controls the clinic.

Medical Facilities

Mobile clinics, regardless of the vehicle manufacturer, contain a Stabilisation Unit that allows emergency operations for a single patient. An AI-controlled Analysis Unit that can monitor the patient’s vital signs and issue warnings supports the physically present team. The analysis unit also takes over common scans and blood analysis that are necessary during treatment and documents administered medication.

Medical Supplies

The corporations equip each Mobile Clinic in operation with a full set of the most common medicines and surgical instruments. Great emphasis is placed on treatment options for gunshot wounds and other injuries caused by violence, as the primary focus of these clinics is in war and crisis zones.


The armouring of the mobile clinics corresponds to the classic troop carriers of the group security. They equip the clinics with heavy Vehicle Plating that reliably withstands fire from the most common weapons. In addition, there is the so-called “defensive armament”, which mainly comprises anti-vehicle and anti-aircraft guns the driver can control via a Direct Neuronal Interface.


Often, defensive armament does not ensure the safe return of the mobile clinic from its area of operation. For this reason, they usually equip clinics with medium-weight Vehicle Armament. This usually includes two machine guns, which are mounted on the front and rear of the clinic in a retractable manner. Other armament, such as Grenade Launchers, are less common and reserved for clinics operating on contested highways or during active combat operations.

Military Formation Usage
350,000 CRE
Related Technologies
Complement / Crew
2 Doctors, 4 Medics, 1 Driver
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