Identification Chip

An identification chip, or ID chip for short, is a 2mm x 2mm cybernetic implant in the palm. The implants were introduced in 2004 and were originally intended for marking sexual offenders and terrorists.

After the strengthening of the Feminist League, the law was passed in 2009 that newborn boys must be provided with the chip after their birth. Two years later, the law was expanded and now also applies to newborn girls.

Stored Data

Today, the chips serve as identification documents and credit cards in the same measure. All personal data, such as name, race and date of birth are stored on it, as well as nutritional habits, medical history and account data. The chips are also used to monitor the men's curfew after sunset, as well as the whereabouts of non-human species and keep them under control.

Also, the chip stores any violations of the law, corporations or similar crimes and can be accessed with appropriate readers. The justification for this approach is the much demanded public security.


In addition to their function as identification documents, the chips are also used today as access for the few charity systems that still exist. For this reason, governments are pushing for adults born before the law to be chipped as well, massively improving data on the population. There is no law, however, that those who are older and are not to blame must be chipped.

Those, mostly corporate employees, usually wear their chip in a bracelet or similar piece of jewellery. The chips are identical and have a similar purpose - to monitor and uniquely identify a person.


There are two categories of faceless. The first consists of adults born before the law who refuse to wear either a bracelet or an implanted chip. The second consists of their children who are not chipped at birth because their parents do not even have access to hospitals without a chip.

Both groups have in common that they do not exist for the system. There are no records of them, they receive no help, nothing. They simply do not exist, unless they have special talents and are integrated into a group that provides them with an ID afterwards.

In the original d20 Modern and d20 Future, identification chips were used as cybernetic implants. Since these are now mandatory for just about everyone, I have thrown this regulation overboard.

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13 Dec, 2019 10:58

DAMN! You had me with the first paragraph. How it was introduced by unchecked feminism and then expanded as an authoritarian tool.   Excellent, dystopian and dark! Loved it!

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Susanne Lamprecht
13 Dec, 2019 11:04

Thank you so much, I hoped to establish that feeling with this item!

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