Trunkfaces are arguably the most advanced of the four sapient species in Kra, at least from a historical perspective. They were the founders of the first (and only) cities in the planet, which will likely become a tipping point for this planet's development.  


Trunkfaces are tall, sturdy creatures with a long trunk that grows with age. Their ears are wide and long, although they don't have a Longears's control over their movement. The dominant ethnicity has red skin, but other colorations such as brown, gray, and green can also be found.   Most of them used to live in the red forests, which has given them certain physical features, including their skin color. However, not many trunkfaces keep living in the wilds, favoring the orderly civilization in their cities.  


Not gonna lie —living in the forest is nice. But after some months of sleeping on the ground I was happy to return to civilization, even if it's a primitive one.
— From Min-aniara Laita's travel journal.
Trunkfaces are organized in city-states ruled by a king and a council. The monarchy is hereditary, generally tracing back four or five generations to the founder of the city. Other than that, religion tends to be a very influential faction. Most religions are based or related to the singers, although the exact interpretation on who or what they are changes from city to city.   These city-states live in constant tension, although they are still too spread apart for these tensions to explode in military conflict. However, after having the opportunity to infiltrate a government, I don't expect distance to protect them for long.  

Tribal traditions

City trunkfaces are persistent in noting their superiority over the "savage folk", a term they use to refer to the other three species. But the truth is, it hasn't been a long time since they lived in tribes too. And, in fact, some trunkfaces still prefer to live in the wilderness, mostly in the red forests.   Nomadic trunkfaces are pretty much nonexistent, as their sense of belonging to a group is very strong. However, hermits are more common than expected, possibly due to the strong role religion plays into their cultures.

Trumpeter full body-1.png.png

Trunkface with clothes typical for a city dweller.
50 years


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