Longears are a species of short sapient humanoids native from Kra. You can find them in their natural habitat: caves and other underground structures, both natural and artificial. However, their friendly and open mindset makes them prone to travelling the world, although they are not as nomadic as Otterlings.  

Colorful people

Finding names for new species is a challenge, especially since I'm no expert in biology. Instead of giving them a cumbersome scientific name or using a clunky transliteration of their own language's word, I take their most distinctive feature.
— From Min-aniara Laita's travel journal.
Longears are the shortest of all sapient species in this planet, standing 1.40 meters tall on average, although their bushy hair usually makes them look a bit taller. It grows in all directions, and its natural coloration is generally various shades of purple, red, or brown, although there's some variation.   They have full control over their ears, which are long and, generally, point downwards, dangling relaxedly as they move. However, when they sense danger or become nervous, the ears become rigid, pointing upwards, until they go back to their regular relaxed mood.  


Longears live in tribes scattered all over the continent, inside caves and underground tunnel networks. They still lack the tools and skills necessary to build large underground cities, but the few underground structures I've seen are quite impressive for the species' age.   Their tribes are led by a small council of up to five elders, chosen randomly from a list of senior longears. This ensures that the leaders have enough experience to rule while staying away from the bloody traditions observed among the waterborn. A representative of the council meets regularly with representatives from other tribes in order to keep the peace between the different tribes.   Seeing longears travelling alone is not rare, albeit not as common as with otterlings. They tend to have a certain degree of reservation towards their traditions, but otherwise mingle with all kinds of folk with an almost permanent cheerfulness.

longears full body.png

Longears with a set of common clothes. Notice the high boots, the most distinctive feature of their clothing tradition.


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