Sadamir ( sah-dah-MEER) are a sapient species of bipedal felines from the Dhraho Peninsula in Frasfu. They are the dominant species in the Kingdom of Dhuraifa and the Principality of Ahualco, but can be found in any other country too.  
To foreigners, sadamir are noble and polite. But as soon as I disguised myself as one of them, I saw a completely different version of them. They're as rude and brute as anyone else.
— From Min-aniara Laita's travel journal.


Sadamir are about 1.50 m tall on average and look like bipedal felines with developed fingers. Some of them grow a mane (regardless of sex), but otherwise don't have distinctive hair.   There is a great deal of variation in fur color and marking, although the possibilities are not as vast as with csillun. Some of them have stripes, others have spots, and others have different colors without a specific pattern.  


Before the Empire of Yeoheung invaded the Dhraho Peninsula, sadamir were often hunted by falid to prove their courage.   When Yeoheung invaded, they fell to the emperor's rule and most of them became low-class citizens of the empire. Unfortunately for them, the sadamir hunts became less frequent but didn't stop, even though they weren't legal. Eventually, the leaders of the resistance from both the sadamir and falid sides of the peninsula realized that if they united they would have a better chance.   Together, they managed to fight off the Yeoheung invaders and refounded their countries. Tensions between both species still exist, but the sadamir hunts have stopped and the three countries are strong allies.  

Cultural perception

Sadamir are regarded as elegant, delicate, and refined creatures, good at caring for each other but not at fighting. Of course, these stereotypes are based on reality —sadamir move with an innate elegance. But this doesn't necessarily mean that they have elegant personalities. They probably try to keep these stereotypes as a self-defense mechanism, given their history of oppression.  
60 years
Average Height
1.50 meters


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