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Campaigning in the World of Aviron

Here we discuss the setting both in and out of character.


Alignments need to Die

Sun, Feb 27th 2022 03:15
This is a board to discuss the recent article Alignments need to Die.

Next Campaign

Sat, Oct 23rd 2021 05:24
Let us discuss our next campaign.

People, Places and Things

Fri, Mar 25th 2022 05:18
A place to discuss the people, places and things of Aviron.
Aviron Discussion Boards

GenIsys Fantasy 3E

Here you can discus then new GenIsys Fantasy 3. A 2d10 fantasy PRG. Ask questions, make comments, and discuss changes, fixes, new material , or anything else you might want in GF3.

GenIsys Fantasy

Fri, Apr 15th 2022 05:50
Discuss the rules, new feats, the reward system or what ever else comes to mind relating to GenIsys Fantasy.

Spell Discussion

Mon, Mar 28th 2022 10:16
Discussion of how spells work and what they do, offer improvements, additions or crazy ideas.

GenIsys Fantasy Playtest

Fri, Mar 4th 2022 11:22
If you have a group or if you live in the Boise area, and interested in playtesting, our 5th Edition, contact Scott here.