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Powderpuff Balls

Buy a pack of powderpuff balls now! Wait for your mouth to explode in a frosty chill.
— Stall at the Nedavan Food Court, in northern Glacin
The regional dish of countries Asadela and Gelan, powderpuff balls are a symbol of happiness. These explosive little pastries have a crunchy exterior, filled with a fluffy blue cream, and finished with a sugary white powder on top. They sell in the thousands during winter times, especially in the Nedavan Food Court where they are somewhat of a famous face.  

Oldie but goodie

Powderpuff balls were first made around a thousand years ago. By today's standards (and how easily it is to forget the past in this world) these pastries are some of the oldest things around. Old documents feature cryptic recipes of powderpuff balls; once upon a time these pastries were dipped in magical rivers for good luck.
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Consumable, Food / Drink
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These tiny desserts often come in delicate paper cones, fastened so tightly that they can be carried in the beak in short flights. Most don't risk it and just scoff the pastries as soon as they have been bought.

Feels like Home

When people visit the continent Glacin, especially Asadela and Gelan, the first thing they are encouraged to do is try a powderpuff ball. The best balls are found in small cornershops and family-run businesses, which are everpresent in this polar region.   One bite into this pastry and you will immediately feel a sense of comfort, feel like you're at home.
Snowflakes by Mochi

But I don't live in Glacin?

Even if you're not native to this polar continent, something about these pastries pulls you in. It soothes you, comforts you, and makes you enjoy the cold just a little bit more.   The soft cream is almost addictive to most folk around the world, with hints of honey from the hives of shiver bees. Their honey is almost ten times as flavourful, due to them shivering which enhances the pollen they collect.
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Powderpuff Balls by Mochi

A Rancher's favourite snack

Between the whirling winds of the coastlines and shivering colds of the mountains, flat plains cover much of Glacin. These plains are the homelands of ranchers, tending to their farmlands and various domestic animals.   For most of their weeks they are isolated from society as they work on their ranches, but every weekend they pop into the nearest town to reimmerse themselves into civilisation. Nothing brings these ranchers more joy than biting into a powderpuff ball after a hard week of work.

Nedavan Food Court

Once a day every month, in the very centre of the town Nedava, hundreds of small stalls are built to last just a couple of hours. They form a labyrinth of exciting smells, sounds, and sights, where you can buy from what feels like an unlimited selection of homemade foods.   One stall that appears without fail is the powderpuff stall. This man remains anonymous, always wearing a thick purple mask, but he cooks up several thousand powderpuff balls, running out of stock in minutes, without fail. Legend has it this is his only income.

Types of Powderpuff Balls

Rune Shaped

Muuuuum, what does this mean?
Glacin is also populated with a number of geoglyphs, runic structures, and other ancient landmarks. Some powderpuff balls feature various mysterious symbols, that even their bakers don't know what they mean.


A burst of colour
Aurora powderpuff balls contain a cream with all sorts of colours, rather than a basic blue. They mimic the auroras that form in the night skies, ranging from subtle yellows and greens to intense pinks and purples.


Somewhat of a prank food, powderbomb balls don't contain any cream - they're instead packed with even more powder. One peck into these pastries and you'll get powder absolutely everywhere. Have fun cleaning it up!


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