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Session 5.3.09: Game Changer

The Strangers and the Conclave of Light prepare for Baugoth's return to the Siege of Níenost. After Baugoth's victory over Ungloloth at Tabor Úngatal, he has refocused his wrath and commanded the full attention of his Duranáukar—Pit Fiends and Balor, to the destruction of the elves and their allies and the ruin of their seat of power.   Can the Strangers rally the forces of Good to victory? Can they survive?

General Summary



Letters and stuff
Coin trick (well, coin + mantle of time + fire trick...). Francis suggests cold.  

Riddic-sûr-Danith Or

God bless you
Waiting Game
Fight. Fight. Fight.
Presto Change-o  

The Gates of Night

Baugoth banished.  

Back to the Future

Strangers and Fingorathar hurled from the First Age into the Future

Character(s) interacted with

  • LOTS of elves
  • Dwarves
  • Men
  • Cuenar
  • Nessar
  • Baugoth
The Strangers
Stergenallen Von
Francis Whitelock
Pip Garthyk
Report Date
07 Aug 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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