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Session 5.3.04: Do or Die

Part V: Past Is Prologue

The pit fiend, Ázaruk, cornered the Strangers in his torture chamber and brought them to the threshold of death. The Rod of Law remains suspended in a mysterious cloud of arcane energy, flames dance along the skin of the fiend, and the very essence of magic seems to be fighting itself all around them.

It's do or die time.

General Summary

Inside Danith Or

Francis Whitelock immediately cast Dispel Magic using the scroll he received from Orvanidor. The Wild Magic in the area increased the power of the spell—already written at 16th level—to 20th level. Francis centered the area of effect to include both the pit fiend's Fire Shield as well as the field holding the Rod of Law and both magical effects immediately ceased.   Ázaruk was caught completely off guard. He tore a hole in Reality, opening a Gate for three more fiends to join the fray.   Simultaneously, Francis ran over to retrieve the Rod, which had clattered to the stone ground, and then ran back to Stergen. Ázaruk swung his enormous mace at the priest-mage but Stergen interposed himself between his friend and the towering creature and parried the blow. The massive weapon landed with a crash into the ground instead, cracking the stone and knocking over the nearby brazier, scattering coals across the ground. Pip retrieved Fingorathar's knife from the library and then shadowjumped back into the torture cave. Stergen paried another blow from the enraged pit fiend (this time aimed at him) as he quickly devoured a piece of the lembas provided by the elves, healing himself 18 hp.   In a fit of rage, Ázurak hurled another fireball which was weakened by more Wild Magic (in fact, it almost did minimum damage), and then everyone managed to make their saving throws as well. But the Wild Magic also surged, causing Stergen and Fingorathar, who were within 10 feet of the fiend, to Heal to nearly their maximum hit points.   As surprise, rage, and hatred literally burned in Ázaruk's flaming eyes, Francis teleported the party, and Fingorathar, back to Níenost. He intended to teleport them directly into the Great Hall but magical protections prevented that and they were unceremoniously dumped outside the city gate.  

At Níenost

Fighting near the gate was intense and the elves were instantly on their guard at the group's sudden appearance, but Fingorathar's presence immediately de-escalated the encounter and they were ushered back into the city and to the citadel, to meet with Aldarathel and the rest of the Conclave.   The Strangers did it! They not only retrieved the Rod of Law but also rescued Fingorathar (thus maintaining their insane record of keeping NPCs alive and intact). And they were fairly certain they humiliated Ázaruk before his master, Asmgoth in the bargain.  

That called for a toast.

Rewards Granted

Wine, for now.   Each character gained enough experience to reach the midpoint of the next level. For the multi-classed characters, they received the xp in the class closest to a new level. If that same amount of experience was enough to increase another class to the next level then they were able to do so.
  • Stergen achieved 14th level as a Ranger.
  • Francis achieved X level as a ___.
  • Pip achieved X level as a Fighter and X level as a Thief.

Missions/Quests Completed

Retrieved the Rod of Law from Baugoth's forces and rescued Fingorathar.

Character(s) interacted with


Had to cut the session short because the DM's hernia was acting up and even sitting at the table was very uncomfortable, even painful at times.   Tentatively scheduled the next session for Saturday, March 13.
Playing Method
VTT (Foundry)
The Strangers
Stergenallen Von
Francis Whitelock
Pip Garthyk
Report Date
27 Feb 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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