The island of Zuidshaven in the Hooper Chain was settled in the early decades of the Age of the Iron Divide. Steel Nomads that had initially settled along parts of the Southern Rusty Shore and what would later become known as the islands of Cromwell and Svalbrynd were looking for greener pastures to explore and ventured far into the south, discovering the islands of the Hooper Chain.

Zuidshaven, one of the larger islets, became a powerful outpost for the emerging cooper and shipwright industry, which would eventually be monopolized by Hank & Jordan's Cooper and Shipwright Guild.

The island sported a mighty, same-named harbor on its southern tip during the Age of the Iron Divide and the Age of Awakening, through which much of the ship travel in the central Corsic was facilitated. The taxes levied by the Hooper Chain authorities here led to much prosperity for the island chain and, of course, the company.

The island went into somewhat of a decline during the Great War, its downfall closely tied to the tanking of H&J. It was, however, brought back to old glory by investors from the Tenzer family and would once more become a valuable outpost during the Age of Gears and Elements under the new auspices of HJT, the Hank & Jordan & Tenzer Corporation.
— From the Aqualon Grand World Atlas, 2nd Edition


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