Timber is an island of the Spark Isles by the Anvil Islands. It is rarely visited by people not part of the Anvil Island Black Market or the various crime syndicates it deals with, as it is a wretched hive of lawless arms dealers and wanted criminals.   The forest here is thick and lush with lavender moonvine and laden trees, trying to choke each other out of the scarce sunlit spots in the dense canopy. At night, no sunlight passes through the large leaves, and even the bright moon- and starlight above the Anvil Islands is occluded almost entirely.   The nations of Adamantaya and Tai'incus of the Anvil Islands are famous for their superior gunsmiths, and they supply much of the Ocean Belt with their powerful firearms. Besides the more honorable customers they have established, there is a rather powerful underground lobby, supplying the great pirate houses of the Ocean Belt and the Black Market of Yamato.   These illegal supply and trading operations take place on so-called shell-islands such as Timber, where ruthless arms-dealers have dug into the depths of thick forests like hermit crabs into a shell.  

The Gulch

Here, at the heart of Timber, one can find a steep decline, leading to a plain housing and what looks like a small village. Torches on bamboo sticks light up the cleared forest floor at night, though all around, the trees stand thick and menacing.   All day and night, muscular men can be seen hauling crates filled with metal weapons and implements, rolling cannon barrels, carrying ominous casks.   This is the heart of Timber's arms dealing black market, tied into several large harbors on the Anvil Islands.  
Timber of the Spark Isles


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