This Adventure is up to YOU! [Community Role Play]

Gears and Elements, an Aqualon Adventure Played by the WA Community.

Heru Nahas


Welcome to "Gears and Elements"! We are going to build a character together and have him adventure through the world of Aqualon ^-^ All you have to participate is to comment on a Gears and Elements article, trying to drive forward the plot!  


* The first comment that is canon or canonizable will advance the character creation or story
* The same person cannot advance the character creation or story two times in a row (but if someone commented in between it's fine to go again)
* Do not actively try to kill off the character and ruin everyone's fun, let's work together to write a cool story ^-^

Pre-Session: Building our Character!

At the end of this character building process, we will have a fully playable character using the Fate Core system ^-^ If you don't know how the system works, don't worry about it, it is relatively simple and I will explain any and all uses of the system where they appear.   So, let's get started!  
How this Will Work
I will reveal the different steps of the character sheet as we fill it in and provide possible examples of what can be put in. You simply write a comment underneath the article, and I will fill it in (as long as it is canonic or canonizable).

Step 1: Choosing a Name

This name was picked by Elizabeth F!
  With an Arkatrashian first and last name, this pretty much settles the ethnicity of our character ^-^ Arkatrash is a very large city that hugs the shores of the mighty Giranja, the largest river of the world, which plows through the Red Sands, one of the two great deserts of Aqualon. The culture of Arkatrash borrows a lot from ancient egyptian culture, which should help you picture the general vibe the character grew up in. Technologically and magically, Arkatrash is quite a bit behind the Middle Lands, but since it is fairly large and densely populated with access to the Giranja and vast copper reserves, it retains a great measure of influence in the Great Land, acting as a a trade hub between the Middle Lands, the Salt Plains, and the Corsic Ocean.   What did this step entail?
Here are a couple of possible names and attached heritages our character could have! Please comment "First name: [Name]" or "Last name: [Name]"! The first two commenters (with canon or canonizable names) will be picked!  

First Names

Yamato Names
Male Female
Ken Yuki
Yôichi Sakura
Takeshi Yôko
Takagi Sachiko
Tenji Airi
Nordmen Names
Male Female
Jürgen Ilse
Olaf Gwen
Torgrim Raonaid
Sigger Eilidh
Yoti Faife
Middlish Names
Male Female
Ruben Susan
Tobias Kathlyn
Michael Lia
Friedrich Maria
Rudolph Jane
Arkatrashian Names
Male Female
Geta Giranja
Aas Neema
Chaths Panya
Heru Tahirah
Hapi-Ankh Bentaresh
Saltplains Names
Male Female
Philip Mary
Bjarke Asta
Nikolaj Viola
Karsten Oline
Asger Gertrud
Glazglubin Names
Male Female
Vojtisek Sanja
Yavor Radmila
Branimir Vladislava
Jaromil Iva
Mirek Tanya

Last Names

Yamato Names

Nordmen Names

Middlish Names

Arkatrashian Names

Saltplains Names
Von Bingen

Glazglubin Names


Step 2: How does our character look?

This description was picked by nascarlaser1 and Hannah!
What did this step entail?
Now the name we picked is a male Arkatrashian name, but sometimes girls have boys names and that can be a quirk of the character. It is now time to decide on the physical appearance and gender of our character! Please comment one to two brief sentences describing our character.   The people of Arkatrash tend to have tanned to bronze skin with anything ranging from a light red to dark brown. Common eye colors are falcon yellow and various brown tones. Common hair colors are black, brown tones, and very rarely dark red. White hair also occurs but is usually indicative of spell blight. Starting the game as a blighter is a severe social handy cap but can also lead to interesting situations.

Step 2: What defines our character? Pick a High Concept!

The High Concept aspect was picked by Elizabeth F!
What did this step entail?
The Fate Core system uses something called aspects to describe people, objects, and situations ^-^ It is a great way to make them relatable, understandable, and playable!   There are up to five possible aspects defining a character and we will pick three of them during creation. A High Concept aspect, which defines what the character does or who he or she is, a Trouble aspect, which defines what brings the most conflict into their lives, and an auxiliary aspect, which can be any phrase that describes them.   First, we are going to pick a High Concept. These can be one of these or anything you think can work:
  • I am a noble of house [insert name from the Arkatrashian last names from step 1]
  • I am a high ranking member of the [guild name] guild.
  • I have studied at one of the Middlish Magus Academies!
  • Child of the Red Sands.
  • Quick when picking dates, quicker when picking pockets.
  • I designed half the city!
  • Stronger than blight.
  • I am a soldier of Arkatrash!
  Potential guilds:
* The Streamer Guild is responsible for ferrying people across the Giranja
* The Ropers
* The Shipwright Guild is very influential in Arkatrash
* The Copper Guild
* The Merchants Guild
* The Arcanists Guild considered knock-off mages by most people in the Middle Lands
* The Alchemists and Apothecaries Guild also considered uh... off-brand by most people in the Middle Lands

Step 3: What complicates the life of our character? Pick a Trouble aspect!

The Trouble aspect was picked by Bastian!
What did this step entail?
Trouble aspects are defining phrases that describe what brings conflict into our character's life. Examples could be:
* Highly Functioning Alcoholic
* In too deep with the wrong kind of people
* The law is on my tail
* I couldn't shut up if my life depended on it
* No one can know that I suffer from Spellblight!
* I am terrified of magic

Step 4: One more aspect! Let's round heru off with another descriptive phrase!

The final starting aspect was picked by Elizabeth F, however, I put a spin on it, changing it from I'm lucky at gambling to something more invoke- and compellable.
What did this step entail?
This could be anything that describes her even more! Examples:
* I know how to take care of myself.
* I may be disgraced, but this is my home!
* Authority is all about the right tone.
* I love a good round of gambling.

Step 5: Picking Skills!

Heru is now great at Deception, good at Shoot and Rapport, fair at Contacts, Physique, and Notice, and average at Tech, Provoke, Ride, and Will.   The community has suggested that she used her skills at deception to escape from Arkatrash after deserting her ranged platoon (archers or gunmen), relying on her gifts of persuasion to get around and survive. She also still has quite a few contacts from her time in the military, knowing who to go to when she needs something.   What did this step entail?
There are a hand full of Skills in Fate Core that cover very broad applications.   In this setting, these skills are: Athletics (includes evading combat magic), Burglary, Contacts, Creativity (using and defending against magic), Deceive, Ride (instead of Drive), Empathy, Fight (includes close-range magic attacks), Investigate, Lore, Notice, Physique, Provoke, Rapport, Resources, Shoot (includes ranged magic attacks), Stealth, Tech (instead of Crafts), and Will.   You can read up on the skills in the free Fate Core Rule Book, but don't really have to, the names should be mostly self-explanatory. Fight and Shoot cover most forms of attack; there are no stats for weapons or magic involved. Will and Physique can enhance mental and physical defenses when they are higher than +0. Notice also works for initiative, and Ride also includes the operation of vehicles. Provoke can be used for mental attacks.
Now this pick will be split up over several comments, not just the first comment!
There are these options available (earlier comments always get priority on a pick):

1. Pick one +4 (great) Skill - Kymlaar has picked Deceive!
2. Pick up to two +3 (good) Skills - TheLastShogun has picked Shoot and has picked Rapport!
3. Pick up to three +2 (fair) Skills - Laughing Prophet has picked Contacts and has picked Physique and Notice!
4. Pick up to four +1 (average) skills - I have picked Tech, Provoke, and Ride and Laughing Prophet has picked Will!

The +4 Skill will define what Heru is really Great at, so it will be a very character defining skill; choose wisely! If you have questions about how the skills work or about the setting, feel free to join the discussion on Discord! The Aqualon server has a dedicated channel for this game!

Step 6: Final Step! Defining Stunts.

Heru Charsheet full.jpg
TheLastShogun has picked At Arms Length,
has picked Eagle Eye,
and I have picked Hollow Rags, Empty Words.   Heru tends to keep people at arms length, both socially and when it comes to combat. At a distance, she is a deadly shot that knows exactly where it hurts. Her trained eye can quickly and accurately scan the room or see distant or obscured details that would be impossible to notice for most. Though she isn't near as athletic or disciplined as she used to be before she lost her leg, she has learned to keep herself safe with clever words and misleading movements, though her facade breaks quickly, if prodded persistently.   What did this step entail?
A stunt is a special thing a character can do, which changes the way a skill works.  

Cool examples from the Fate Core Rule Book:

Face in the Crowd. +2 to any Stealth roll to blend into a crowd. What a “crowd” means will depend on the environment—a city plaza requires more people to be crowded than a small bar.
Danger Sense. You have an almost preternatural capacity for detecting danger. Your Notice skill works unimpeded by conditions like total concealment, darkness, or other sensory impairments in situations where someone or something intends to harm you.
Mind Games. You can use Deceive in place of Provoke to make mental attacks, as long as you can make up a clever lie as part of the attack.
  These are just some examples. There are many ways stunts can work, and I would prefer for you not to worry about the mechanics too much, I can work that out pretty easily; stunts have very clear patterns. Just post this in the comments: The Name of the Stunt and a general idea of what is meant to do. I'll work out the rest ^-^ (you may also pick one of the examples named here or from the Fate Core Rule Book, page 96-127).   Please pick one stunt each! You guys get to pick 2 of her 3 free stunts, I'll pick number 3 to round it off!
  With this the character building is completed! There only remains one question, and it is a big one!  

Where is Heru?

This choice will define the first scene we get to play out together, so make it count! Where is Heru Nahas right now? Possible starting locations:
* Still in Arkatrash, but incognito...
* Doing some mercenary work in the Green Baronies of the Salt Plains to the East...
* In an inn in Aquaris, the city of Water, famous for its beautiful Spire of Rahn and delicious seafood...
* Looking for work in Aerialis, the city of Wind...
* Seeking spiritual guidance at the Bonfire Shrine near Lumina Aka...
* At the Rusty Shore, looking to become hired muscle for one of the Steel Barons...
* At the Rusty Shore, looking for a way to get to the Ocean Belt...
* Traveling on a Ship on the Corsic Ocean (pirate ship or trade ship?)...
* On an Island on the Corsic Ocean...
* Traveling to the Yamato Kingdom in the far East...
* On a pilgrimage to the Eastern or Wester Black Sanctum...
* On the Road to the technocrat city of Altonar...
* Traveling to see the beautiful Glade of Druith...
* In a strange tavern somewhere unspecified.
* In a small village in the Middle Lands / the Salt Plains
  Also: if you like this article, it will increase the chance of more community members joining in, because it will appear in the Community Tab! ^-^
Join the discussion on Discord:
Channel: #community-rp-gears-and-elements

The Story Continues Here:

Heru in the Green Baronies; Write in the comments what our community operated character will do next!
Generic article | Oct 9, 2018

This Adventure is up to YOU! Tell us about Heru's first experiences as a mercenary in the Saltplains.

  Special Thanks
This work is based on Fate Core System and Fate Accelerated Edition (found at, products of Evil Hat Productions, LLC, developed, authored, and edited by Leonard Balsera, Brian Engard, Jeremy Keller, Ryan Macklin, Mike Olson, Clark Valentine, Amanda Valentine, Fred Hicks, and Rob Donoghue, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license ( Fate™ is a trademark of Evil Hat Productions, LLC. The Powered by Fate logo is © Evil Hat Productions, LLC and is used with permission.


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11 Jun, 2018 19:10

Heru Nahas I'll bite :)

11 Jun, 2018 19:29

Congratulations! As per the rules of the game, your comment was the first one and has been picked for the 1. Step ^-^ Thanks for playing!

11 Jun, 2018 19:13

First name: Torgrim Last Name: Sayer And there you have another one :)

11 Jun, 2018 19:35

Female, black spikey hair, blue eyes, prosthetic leg, skinny arms

11 Jun, 2018 19:41

She has copper-brown skin with falcon-yellow eyes and is tall and willowy in figure. Her hair is black, short with some frizz to it.

11 Jun, 2018 20:02

High Concept: I am a former/exiled soldier of Arkatrash

11 Jun, 2018 20:43

Trouble Aspect: I have been dishonorably discharged for deserting after losing my leg.

11 Jun, 2018 21:23

Aspect: I'm lucky at gambling

15 Jun, 2018 05:19

Skill: +4 Deceive! She was able to use her talents, contacts, and ability to misdirect to talk and sneak her way out of Arkatrash.

17 Jun, 2018 17:30

Skill +3 shoot, perhaps her role was that of a sharpshooter, or whatever the Arkatrash equivalent of one is.

17 Jun, 2018 17:33

great choice ^-^ She could have been part of an archery battalion, a siege engine operator, or in one of the limited gunman corps.

17 Jun, 2018 17:50

Skill : +3 rapport. Heru always found that the best weapon is the good will of others.

17 Jun, 2018 17:51

awesome pick, and a great justification. We may even be able to work it into a stunt or aspect later! ^-^

18 Jun, 2018 00:37

How about we get a +2 Skill: Contacts. As a former Soldier I'd imagine they'd have had time to make some connections outside their homeland. This could be helpful given the terms included in our desertion.   Also with +4 Deception, I imagine this could be hilarious.

The Prophet's Portents: Kelicho
18 Jun, 2018 01:08

I love it! OId Contact: "Are you still with the Arkatrash army?"   Heru: "Yes."   Old Contact: "I instantly believe you! Though what's up with that deserter's brand you are trying to hide?"   Heru: "I'm undercover."   Old Contact: "I instantly believe you again!"   xD

18 Jun, 2018 01:37

Physique and Notice +2

18 Jun, 2018 01:39

sensible choices. Physique will improve her ability to soak damage, and Notice will also act as her initiative in combat and certain other situations!

18 Jun, 2018 01:42

yes, definately that. i wasn't thinking about how since she was a soldier she'd have to excersize alot and she'd have to have good eyes since she's a ranged shooter of some sort

18 Jun, 2018 01:47

yes, very organic ^-^

18 Jun, 2018 01:46

I am also going to pick something: Average Tech, Provoke, and Ride. Arkatrashian soldiers are usually employed in construction and maintenance by the military when there is no on-going war, so Tech makes sense to me; it also deals with things like crafting stuff and architecture. I want her to be able to sass a little, so Provoke is a good choice in my opinion, especially since she is likely to get work as a mercenary from time to time or even regularly ^-^ And as for Ride: best not have riding be a bother every time she has to travel.

18 Jun, 2018 01:55

I didn't know we could pick more than one. I'd have probably done that earlier.   Final +1: Will.   Discipline is a vital asset to any Soldier worth their salt, especially when it comes to keeping calm in stressful situations or in the face of danger. While I would imagine +1 is hardly representative of the level an active soldier would require for direct deployment, there are reasons we deserted and I imagine that may have had a substantial impact on that particular quality.

The Prophet's Portents: Kelicho
18 Jun, 2018 02:05

Solid reasoning. Also, will will improve her ability to soak mental stress ^-^ This concludes our skill picks, meaning it will be time to move on to stunts! But I will have to write that step up tomorrow, it's late now :3

18 Jun, 2018 02:13

Added benefit, it could speak on characterization. I would imagine an active professional soldier would have either +2 or +3 Will just for keeping in order when antagonized. A +1 has certain implications that can lead to wondering 'Why is it that their Will has degraded so significantly'?

The Prophet's Portents: Kelicho
18 Jun, 2018 18:21

Stunt: at arm's length: reduces range based shoot penalties (if the system has any)

18 Jun, 2018 18:38

There are no regular penalties of that kind. But how about this:

At Arms Length. When you inflict a consequence on an opponent using Shoot while within the same zone as that opponent, you gain one additional free invoke on that consequence.
  Consequences are negative aspects that you can take to soak damage going beyond your ability to soak stress. When someone inflicts one on you, he gets a free invoke on that negative aspect. They are a bit like wounds, but can take many shapes and forms.   Not all enemies will have them, only the stronger ones.

18 Jun, 2018 18:35

Eagle Eye: Your notice skill is unimpeded by distance or by looking through partial cover such as leaves, tall grasses or crowds.

18 Jun, 2018 18:40

Sounds good!

18 Jun, 2018 19:50

Mercenary work in the Green Baronies sounds interesting.

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